The Importance of Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Ingredients In this day and age, everything at the grocery store is labeled “gluten-free” and “all-natural.” All-natural, organic foods are supposed to be better for us than regular foods, right? Well, if you believe that you should only be eating foods that contain natural ingredients; shouldn’t the same apply to your skincare?

You might be surprised to find out that many well-known products on the market are not as natural as they label themselves to be. If you suffer from acne or rosacea, or are trying to prevent wrinkles or fine lines, some intense products might be making matters worse.

You should consider switching all of your skincare products, including makeup, to all natural brands. Your face is the world’s first impression of you, after all—it’s important to take care of it.

According to Global Healing Center, natural and organic materials are much better for your face than other products you may be using. If you’re using skincare that’s not good for the skin, you could be absorbing toxins every single day. Many skincare products have parabens in them; even though it’s been acceptable to include parabens in skincare products for many years, recent studies have shown that exposure to parabens may cause reproductive issues, and are also linked to an increased risk of cancer.

It’s important to look for skincare that’s free of harmful chemicals, irritants, preservatives, allergens, and GMOs.

At Arbordoun’s Herbal Skincare Products, we believe in all-natural skincare, free of GMO’s, and formulated with natural, farm-grown herbs. Our products are made by hand, and are anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, soothing, healing, and perfect for easily irritated or congested skin. Click here to learn more about our products, and call us today at 360-468-2508 if you have any questions about our natural ingredients.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Natural Skin Care Products

  1. I love your Arbordoun calendula cream i just wrote a review and it actually works! I am wondering if the calendula has any protective ingredients as a sunscreen, i would like to try your lotion it sounds wonderful. My phone number, if you want it is 541 218 5769, I live in Grants Pass, Oregon and Iam also a cosmetologist. Thanks again, Belinda Moses

    1. I do not think it acts as a sunscreen,
      but I have many times heard that it is very effective for sunburn!

      Thanks Belinda.


  2. I’m glad I came across your blog about natural skin care. I like that you talked about how using skincare that’s not good for the skin can cause you to absorb toxins every single day. I am so conscious when it comes to skin care. I always want to make sure that I have the best skin care routine. Based on your article, I believe that it’s best for me to shop natural skin care products to be assured that I get the best in the most natural way. I will make sure to save your blog for future reference.

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