Importance of Moisturizing Skin Regularly

Skin Care TipsTemperatures are starting to decline which means that the condition of our skin will start to decline as well. As weather turns colder, our skin often turns drier. Cold temperatures often result in flaked, irritated skin.

Caring for your skin should always be a priority, but in the winter, it’s important to protect your skin by moisturizing frequently.

Moisturizing your skin on a regular basis has tons of benefits. Immediately after applying moisturizer, your skin starts to look bright and healthy. If your skin is well hydrated, it’s able to function at its very best. Moisturizing on a regular basis can help your skin fight breakouts, repair damage, and keep wrinkles minimal.

Under-moisturized skin is lacking a barrier of protection: this often results in red and irritated skin, as well dry and dull looking complexions.

If you’re starting to think about investing in some new moisturizers to fight off winter weather, keep in mind that there are many different types of moisturizer and it is important to choose the right one. Consider choosing an all-natural, herbal moisturizer. Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Skin Care Products, grows, processes, and tinctures the herbs that go into our lotion creating an herbal based, natural product. Our products are created from an emulsion of olive oil and beeswax, with herbal extracts of Calendula, Oregon grape and comfrey; aloe and purified water.

Our Calendula Cream and Silky Day Lotion will keep your skin hydrated and healthy because the water-based ingredients are readily absorbed by the skin so the cream works deeply.

Interested in giving our products a shot to keep your skin moisturized this winter? Visit Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Skin Care Products today.