History of Calendula Flowers

If you read out most recent blog post, you got to read about the many health benefits of the calendula flower.

The calendula flower has a rich history. In fact, it has been serving multiple purposes for centuries now.

The calendula flower has been used in Mediterranean countries since at least the 12th century, and was first discovered growing in Mediterranean although it now grows all over the world.

We have talked about how calendula is used in many topical remedies for fighting inflammation, viruses, and much more. Regardless, you’re probably wondering how doctors and herbalists discovered that this flower was so beneficial for the body?

Calendula has beeHistory of Calendula Flowers n used for centuries in cooking and medical remedies. It is now used in many parts of the world because it’s very adaptable and tolerates a variety of environments. In ancient times, both Romans and Greeks used the flower in religious rituals and ceremonies. Many homes in Central America still use these flowers as an altar decoration during the Day of the Dead celebration.

It’s also been a common ingredient in cooking many German soups, and has been used to add color to butter and cheese in traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern kitchens.

It is believed that the ancient Romans were the original users of this unique herb. It is said that they observed that the plant would bloom on the first day of each month, and it was considered a symbol of happiness for that reason. Since the petals were frequently available, every single month, Romans began using it for cooking and medicinal purposes.

During the American Civil War, the flowers were used to help heal wounds. Throughout history, it was recommended as a plant that could improve eyesight, cheerfulness, bowel issues, and much more.

What is most interesting to us about the history of the calendula is how it is still such a powerful flower with incredible properties.

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