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22 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Your calendula cream has been part of my daily morning and evening facial cleansing ritual for more years than I can recall — close to 10 at least ! I love how it feels, smells and prepares me for the day’s work and night’s rest. THANK YOU !

  2. Just recently found your calendula cream and it instantly became a favorite and a staple in my skin care routine. Love this product!

    1. Yes, If you were to call or email us,
      we could do the charge here on our machine.
      Shipping to Canada is expensive,
      and is not on our website.
      Thanks for writing!

  3. For a good twenty years I’ve used your Calendula Cream for especially dry skin areas such as elbows and feet. When my dad was bedridden in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, applying this cream gave him relief. A few years ago I started using a dab of the cream, applying it with wet hands to my face in the morning on my own 60+ skin and love how it makes my skin look and feel. Soon I started applying some to my face again at night and this has been my “beauty” routine since. I love not only how it makes my face feel soft and smooth, but I’m convinced it keeps wrinkles at bay and helps me maintain a youthful appearance for my age.

  4. Having sensitive skin has made me spend a lot of money until I finally found the perfect solution with Arbordoun’s Calendula Cream. It is a wonderful moisturizer and it makes my face and hands feel years younger. I am so happy!

  5. Hi this is Chaya in New Mexico.. I have used this cream for years and years.. I used to live on Orcas Island, it is the best healing salve ever… ?? I think the health food store Cids here in Taos used to sell it but cant find it there now.. I wanted to say that I saw the pic on home page of your crew and was SOOOO SURPRISED TO SEE MY FREINDS THERE.. IRENE SKYRIVER … HIII IRENE.. SONA HIII SONA.. AND ISNT THAT IRENES DAUGHTER SUMMER?? AND IS THAT ALMA FROM ORCAS.. WOW.. AWESOOOOMMMMMME I KNEW SONA WORKED ON FARM OVER THERE BUT HAD NO IDEA IT WAS FOR THIS COMPANY.. WOW… really cool to see you gals pics.. please whoever reads this pass it on.. big love from Chaya over here in New Mexico.. if any of you ever want to come visit Taos.. Im renting a huge house here with giant room downstairs.. multiple visiters would have room to sleep.. Irene… I havnt connected with you for soooooo many years.. man call me.. g/f.. love to chat .. Sona you too.. love love love.. Chaya Moonstar… 541-292-0512

    1. Yes! She can even eat it! Whatever we apply to our skin should be edible. We know of children who have consumed the Cream, when especially hungry….And more than one dog has broken into jars to lick them clean.

  6. Thank you Arbordoun DEEPLY for creating the Calendula Cream. My forever deserted skin has found genuine relief! I planned to use this balmy cream for emergency balm to soothe dry patches, but it’s become my daily face cream. I love the initial mild cooling effect that’s superbly soothing not overpowering. It gets absorbed quickly and leaves a healthy radiance on my skin yet not at all greasy. Thanks for creating such natural supreme formula at an affordable price. I will tell all my friends!

    1. We are glad that you have found the Calendula Cream. It serves me the same way.
      Whenever I feel worn down,
      I feel uplifted and renewed after applying the Calendula Cream to my face.

  7. I have been using your Calendula Cream for nearly 25 years, for cuts, burns, skin irritations, etc. (I am an old school Camp Nor’Wester gal, hence my discovery of your salve.). I recently gifted some to a friend who had a really bad burn. Today he showed me his burn area, and he was as happy as I was. His burn responded so incredibly to the soothing, healing affects of your cream, and I was delighted to see his success. Thank you; I have had this cream in my “first aid” kit forever. Grateful, grateful, grateful.
    Blessings and gratitude, Alex

  8. I would strongly recommend buying this calendula cream. It has powerful healing properties against minor burns, scrapes, skin irritations, for the times when I am outside longer than I planned. I love the Spanish jars and personally, I reuse them for kitchen jars (sugar, flour).
    Arbourdoun cream is safe, the best natural product I ever came across.
    Thank you.

  9. I feel a little out of place as a guy praising your calendula cream. A few years ago I had radiation on my throat. It did not go quite as planed and my neck was burned raw with hundreds of blisters. It was a pain I did not know existed. When I’d turn my head the bursting blisters sounded like walking on bubble wrap. I tried everything given to me by my doctors to try and heal my skin and ease the pain. That was until the techician suggested you product. It was a miracle. Soothing to the touch and it began to heal my radiation burns nearly instantly. It saved me. It has been in my home ever since.
    I have two young female friends ( in 30’s) who will soon be beginning radiation for breast cancer. They too will need this lotion. I managed to buy a couple of the larger sized bottles online to get them started but I am sure they will still need more. I hope you open soon. To that end I’ll be contributing to your Go Fund Me account.
    You should be genuinely proud of the product you provide.
    Bob H

    1. Bob, we have a few Spanish glass jars poured,
      if you wanted to order, we could send them,
      as are still waiting for our amber glass jars to be shipped to us;
      an interminable wait!


        1. Yes Shannon!
          We will be shipping 4 oz jars on Tuesday, freshly poured.
          The rest of the jars are en route from Chicago now, thankfully.

          Susan @ Arbordoun

  10. I really love this product! Such a change in my skin tone & texture. My husband has even commented on the change in my skin. Nita

  11. I have used this cream for many years, and I am so happy that it still is available. I couldn’t do without it. Great stuff.

  12. Several years ago, I began dabbling in herbs with medicinal uses for my family. Early on I found a “recipe”, “formula” for a calendula salve. It was a bit simpler than your ingredient list and listed swelling and sore muscles as a use. My Mother and I both suffered from arthritis and thought I’d Try it. Oh happy day! The swelling reduced and so did pain. Ran out of ingredients for a new batch, so searched Amazon and found your product. I looked at the ingredients for the creams and salves shown and yours was the best one shown NOT filled with preservatives ,alcohols and much of the extraneous stuff not needed. Also, in a decent amount for a reasonable price. Researched all the ingredients
    And said this is for me. Mom always kept a jar nearby and got my sister started on it too. We use it on our bodies, our dogs and tell everyone we can to try it. Have been buying on Amazon & giving it away. Thank you so much for your product and all it does.

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