Who We Are

Our Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream was once made in a common kitchen blender, and the labels were decorated and glued onto the jars by hand. Though we have grown, we continue as a small business to retain the integrity of the products we love. We are an all-woman crew of herbalists and gardeners who grow a field of cutting flowers, tend an espaliered apple orchard and manage the cream and lotion business. We grow, process and tincture the herbs ourselves. The cream and lotion are carefully prepared and poured by hand into recyclable containers


For thirty years, the team of dedicated women at Arbordoun has produced Arbordoun’s Calendula Cream and Silky Day Lotion, herbal cosmeceuticals, which we send throughout the country and beyond. We manufacture the Cream and Lotion on our farm.

Avid users have written emphatic testimonials, from salvation for aging skin, to healing relief for eczema, shingles, radiation burns, and many other skin challenges.

Our products are GMO free, and are edible herbals for working skin!

With many farm-grown herbs, we also create floral abundance, growing over thirty varieties of colorful and scented flowers. Our flower arrangements have the reputation of being unusual, gorgeous, and “on the wild side.”

Contact Us
Email: mail@arbordoun.com
Phone: (360) 468-2508
Toll Free phone: (877) 416-2055
Mail: 744 Richardson Rd.
Lopez Island, WA 98261